Custom Stained Glass Memorial Windows

Visitors to the Bishop Castle have the choice of having a custom stained glass window made to be installed in the castle which then becomes a permanant feature!

The tradition began with a couple asking Jim if they could have a window made as a memorial for a lost loved one who idealized the Bishop Castle and everything that it stood for. Since then, over 50 custom windows have been made and installed. A common desire to have a window made is simply to become a lasting part of the castle. Others wish to financially support the continued construction by donating a window. Often the windows are created to memorialize a wedding here at the castle, or to remember a loved one by.

Whatever your reason, these windows are beautiful and lasting expressions of love.

A local artist, Del Paulson of Glasscliffe Studios in Wetmore Colorado, is the creator of these exquisite one of a kind windows, which Jim Bishop himself will then install as permanant fixtures of the Bishop Castle.

Each window can be completely tailored to your design, including choice of color, type style, and even original art can be part of your custom creation!.

Windows are sized 11 3/4" x 6 5/8"

For a tax-deductable donation of $250.00, with the proceeds going to the 501(c)3 Bishop Castle Foundation, you too can leave a lasting impression upon the one and only Bishop Castle!

For more information, please call us at: 719.485.3040 seven days a week May - October, weekends and weather permitting the rest of the year, or you can e.mail us at

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