As of June 2003, there have been 98 weddings at the Bishop Castle!

(and 97 of them were absolutely wonderful with no ignorant drunks who couldn't respect the place)

Weddings at the Bishop Castle are always welcome because it is a beautiful place to get married.

The Bishop Castle is available year-round for CEREMONIES ONLY, no receptions, private parties, etc.

Please Don't even bother to ask otherwise.

The few rules we have (and how we hate to have to do that, but alas, t'is the way it is) you should really consider what they mean to you before you decide to have your wedding here because all rules will be enforced every time regardless of circumstances.


You recognize and agree to the fact that breaching any instance of any rule will result in your entire party being escorted from the Bishop Castle property.

NO ALCOHOL OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED ON THE PREMESIS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. You cannot close off the castle or any part of it to the visiting public before, during, or after your ceremony. You must engage for the duration of your ceremony an approved security service. For parties over 12 guests a portapotty must be rented. You must reserve your date and time at least two weeks prior. You acknowledge that there is no heat in the castle, and there are no facilities implied or promised for changing / dressing available, nor any service or assistance in accessing the castle. Come prepared or rent an rv. And you must agree to all of these terms and conditions in a written contract to be filed in the Bishop Castle main office before your reservation will be honoured.

If you choose to have your wedding here, you will be doing so in full fore-knowledge that this is the way it is because absolutely no exceptions will be made.

Suggested donation to the Bishop Castle Foundation for weddings is $250.00

If you would like more information, or would like to book a wedding, please call:

Mrs. Pheobe Bishop, 719.564.4366 Colorado Mountain Time

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