The Joseph R. McCarthy Award for Civic Excellence

It is GOLDENCO.ORG's distinct pleasure to confer its first Joseph R. McCarthy Award for Excellence in Civic Discourse on Golden Councilman Webb Aldrich for his remarkable performance at the Golden City Council study session on April, 15, 1999.

During a spirited discussion of a $3.7 million subsidy for a strip mall developer, Mr. Aldrich was observed to grow increasingly agitated. Mr. Aldrich is known as a staunch promoter of municipally subsidized development, and some of his colleagues on the Golden City Council brought such zeal on behalf of growth into question.

Toward the end of the evening Councilman Brain Starling suggested putting the subsidy to a vote of the people. The following exchange ensued:

ALDRICH: Well, maybe, then you just want to have an election every month and do away with us [City Council] altogether. Just everybody votes on the issues. . . .

STARLING: Maybe that would be a good idea.

ALDRICH: Well, Brian, maybe if you want to be a Socialist or a Communist you can do that.

We at GOLDENCO.ORG applaud Councilman Webb Aldrich's defense of the American Way and his commitment to keep Golden safe for real estate speculation.

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