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Citizen Initiated Charter Amendment - Committee to Preserve Golden & Golden Good Government League

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Municipal Ethics Code Violated by Golden City Council and Staff?

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Citizen Initiated Charter Amendment

BBC Radio Documentary "Direct Democracy American Style" (Link to RealMedia Audio File!)

Golden Planning Director Steve Glueck's 6/29/99 Memo With Table Listing Subsidies

Responsible Growth Amendment Goes to Ballot / Golden City Council Reacts

Committee to Preserve Golden: Charter Amendment Questions and Answers

Tax Incentive Charter Amendment (Early Phases)

City of Golden Municipal Code, "Economic Incentives Program"

City of Fort Collins Ordinance Terminating Its Development Impact Fee Rebate Program

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Condemnation Proceedings for 1101 Washington Avenue

Proposed Northwest Expressway Intergovernmental Agreement

Your Representatives on City Council and How to Recall Them

A Lettter from Leo Bradley to Ralph Schell, April 17, 1998



Send in the Clones: Interlocking Boards

The Clone Connection: Who Clone Boards Contribute to in Municipal Elections

The Mayor Speaks

Aldrich Wins McCarthy Award for Civic Excellence!

An Excerpt from Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis

Boosters Unite to Fight 1% Growth Ordinance!

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Hear the BBC Radio Documentary "Direct Democracy American Style" (link to RealMedia file)
Editor's Note: This 35 minute program was broadcast August 10, 1999 in Great Britain to an audience of over 8 million people. It features the Committee to Preserve Golden's Charter Amendment Campaign as an example of how people working at a grassroots level can reinvigorate discredited political institutions. To play this file you'll need RealMedia's (free) G3 Player. To download the software, click here.

Hear the Official GOLDENCO.ORG Fight Song! (link to wav file)


Alternative Voices

Laura McCall, "The Northwest Parkway: Beyond Mitigation"

Barbara Goodrich, "A New Way of Seeing Ourselves in Nature"

Judy Denison, "What's Happening [1998] with the Purchase of North and South Table Mountains?"

Al Bartlett, "Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth and the Environment"




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