The GOLDENCO.ORG Win-A-Ham Contest


The GOLDENCO.ORG Win-a-ham Contest is a game of skill, courage, and elephantine memory. The "Municipalians" portion of this site deals with what our civicly-engaged friends say and do, with what they promise and what they deliver. "Municipalians" is about image and reality--the public face and the private ambitions of the developer-friendly.

The successful contestant in our Win-a-ham Contest will document an instance of the disconnection between rhetoric and reality--between what was promised and what was actually accomplished in our community. For example, the "Bait and Switch" article uses photographs and citations from the Transcript to document the promises made to get the Golden Hotel off the ground and to show what became of those promises.

A crack pannel of judges will evaluate the entries on the basis of: (a) entertainment value; (b) amount of public funds squandered; (c) relative lack of community benefit.

Entries for the first cured pork give-away are due March 17, 1999. Winners will be announced here on April 1st. Remember, all entries become the property of Friends of Historic Golden. No slander, please.

The prize: a nice canned ham donated by Laura McCall.

Submit your entry to: gimmiepork@GOLDENCO.ORG

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