Ecology Series 2000



A series of public lectures on ecological and growth issues facing Golden and North Jeffco will be presented on Friday evenings from October through December.

All events will begin at 7:00 p.m. followed by an informal question and answer session and will be held at the Higher Grounds Coffee House at the corner of 14th and Washington in Golden. Admission is free.

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October 27th: "Independence, Interdependence, and the
American Way"

Dr. Laura McCall of the Metro State History Department will contrast Jeffersonian and Franklinesque visions of America and examine the possibilities for a meaningful community within the context of a radically individualistic society.

November 10th: "Culture and Nature"

Dr. Bill Simpson from the Metro State Philosophy Department will examine the tension between wilderness preservation and the traditional orientation of Western culture.

December 1st: "Affluence, Nature, and Community"

Local author Dr. David Wann discusses the effects of hypercommercialism on community life and the environment and possible remedies for these problems. This talk will be professionally videotaped, and a book signing will follow.

December 15th: "Sleazy scams and Subsidies"

Local author Dr. Phil Goodstein will present material from the second volume of his comprehensive history of the Metro area, Denver in Our Time. The talk will be followed by a book signing.