by D. Ohmans

IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS the name Pueblo, Colorado "Government Printing Office" is on old, green documents.

Took I-25 south to watch and hear Bob Dylan during the 2001 State Fair. Near where the street vendors were selling cowboy hats, I sat in the grass as a family of six strolled by.

I love Puebla, Mexico, especially Cholula with its pyramid and Moorish "zocalo." In sister city Pueblo, you can own a home between the Spanish Peaks and Pike's Peak in "The Pittsburgh of the West" for the cost of an automobile.

How would you like to have your own shoreline, down Sailboard Road--all to yourself--buttes blazing by day or reflected stars. The stucco men who built the Bessemer and East Side 100 years ago worked outside under our magnificent sky, while steelworkers made the machine.

Today the authors in the CSU-Pueblo stacks can be heard whispering Milton's words:
"Or let my Lamp at midnight hour,
 Be seen in som high lonely Towr..."

It is Festival Friday and Wallace Cotton and the Rotten Forgottens is playing funky music on a hill. There is "cumbia" under a tent, and a Victorian party in Union Depot. Wow, is that the Library.