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Should Lots M and L on the Riverwalk be christened Borderlands Park?

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Should the "grassy slopes" across from the Riverwalk canopy stage be preserved?

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Would you have approved Pueblo's new $150 million 6th St. judicial building?

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Is it great to fly the POW/ MIA flag on Pueblo County buildings and signs?

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Should an "E" District be built on the Riverwalk with (TIF) Tax Increment Financing?

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Do you approve of using $660,000 in stimulus funds from the DOT for the Veterans' Bridge?

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Should Pueblo City Council rescind its $200,000 per year ten-year commitment to the YMCA?

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Do you think Pueblo fire trucks should be painted red, white and blue?

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Do you regret the outcome of the PBR building on Pueblo's HARP?

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Is Pueblo a democracy when City Council candidates run unopposed?

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Do you like the Home of Heroes theme for the Pueblo sign on southbound (and N) I-25?

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Should City Council institute mandatory trash pickup as a public utility?

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Did the City Council act wisely to approve a Wackenhut private prison for Pueblo?

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