From inside the mill, workers described a sea of waving signs as a cross-section of Marquette County's labor movement marched and chanted slogans at the main gate March 23. Sawyer workers received a strong moral boost from the event, and excellent media coverage brought the entire community on board.

"Sawyer Lumber will be a union company. The employees are strong and united, now more than ever. They have a union, all they need is a contract."
Jack LaSalle
Michigan Building Trades Council

"Desperate people do desperate things. The firing of union activist Eric Kamecki was an act of desperation by an owner who no longer can hide from his own workers, his own community."
Dick LaCosse
PACE International Representative

"Did you say it was okay for your money, in the form of tax breaks, site development grants and subsidized loans, to go to a company using expensive union-busting attorneys against its own people? We demand change!"
Shana Harvala
Marquette County Labor Council