WELCOME to the new Web site on Louisiana-Pacific/Sawyer workers and our fight for good jobs in Marquette County, Michigan!

We organized our PACE local union two years ago because we wanted to make our workplace, and our community, a better place.
"We as citizens need to demand our taxes and community resources can�t go to employers that refuse to deal fairly with their workers."
-Shana Harvala, President
Marquette County Labor Council-
While L-P's purchase of the sawmill is a change for the better, our two years fighting Dave Holli increased our determination to win a fair contract and revitalize our community.

As taxpayers, we are all stakeholders in the new K.I. Sawyer. We demand workers' rights be respected in the rapidly-growing commercial park at the former Air Force base. Only with a real voice at work can we win pay equity, job security and needed improvements in health and safety conditions.