Thank you for being there with the Sawyer Lumber workers!

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  • IMAGINE a minute the uproar in Michigan if the losing party in this year's Presidential election refused to concede, and dragged it through the courts for over two years while the public was denied the right to be governed by the candidate they had chosen.

    But that's exactly what some companies try to do when their workers vote for a union.

    The national AFL-CIO calls it a "secret war." Their research points to the $300 million-a-year companies spend on outside consultants to help them harass workers, fire union supporters and avoid serious bargaining toward a union contract.

    The game is to evade and even break the law, while hiring anti-union lawyers to delay the consequences.

    It's time to blow a whistle on this scheme to undermine workers' right to organize. Help the Sawyer workers by telling key community leaders to get involved and hold management's feet to the fire.

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