Employed in 1971 by Phillips Petroleum Co. as a laborer, later becoming a refinery operator, at Kansas City, Kansas. Joined Local 5-604 in 1971, and was elected president in 1972. Appointed Assistant General Counsel in 1976. In 1981 was appointed assistant to President Robert F. Goss. Elected Vice President in 1983. As Vice President, played a major role in national oil bargaining, coordinating the union's oil company councils; supervised OCAW corporate campaign activities and health and safety policy development; and directed the organizing program of the International Union. Elected President in 1991.


Employed by National Starch & Chemical Corp. (now Nacan Products Ltd.) at Indianapolis, Ind., in 1954. Joined Local 7-706 in 1954. Held many local union offices, including presidency, 1965-76. President of District 7 Council 1970-75. President of Corn Council 1970-71. Served two years as a labor instructor for the Continuing Education Department of the University of Indiana. Appointed International Representative in 1975. Appointed OCAW Citizenship- Legislative Director in 1977. Elected Vice President in 1979.


Employed by Air Products and Chemicals Corp. in 1969 at Calvert City, Ky. Was President of Local 3-727 for 19 years prior to being elected Vice President in 1994. Served as International Executive Board member in OCAW's District 3 from 1990 to 1994. Was involved in organizing work, serving as a temporary International Representative during several campaigns.


R. J. Christie became a member of Oil Workers International Union Local 227 in 1953 as an employee of Sinclair Refining Co. in Houston, Texas. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1954, and upon his discharge in 1956, returned to his job at the Sinclair refinery and also renewed his membership in the union, which had become Local 4-227 of OCAW.
Christie served as a steward, member of the workers committee and chairman of the workers committee. He represented Local 4-227 in the Sinclair Master Contract negotiations, as a delegate to the District 4 Council, and on the Sinclair Nationwide Council.
In 1967, Christie was elected secretary-treasurer of Local 4-227, a full time position. As secretary- treasurer, he was responsible for the local's finances as well as contract negotiations and handling arbitration cases. He represented the local and OCAW as a vice president/trustee of the Texas AFL-CIO. He also was elected president of the Harris County AFL-CIO.
In 1977, Christie was appointed OCAW International Representative and was home stationed at Springfield, Ill. in District 7. He worked with locals in the Pekin/Peoria and Wood River/East St. Louis, Ill. areas.
He remained in that assignment until 1980 when he was transferred to District 3 and assigned to the Houston/Beaumont. Texas area.
In 1981, Christie was appointed International auditor, working with Districts 1, 2, 4 and 5. He remained in that position until 1988 when he was appointed director of District 4. He was then appointed regional director in 1991 when Districts 4 and 5 were consolidated into the OCAW Gulf Coast Region.


Western Region (Districts 1 and 2)

W. McGoveran, Director
3605 Long Beach Blvd.
304 Freeway Center
Long Beach, CA 90807

Gulf Coast Region (Districts 4 and 5)

Jim Byrd, Director
711 W. Bay Area Blvd., no.530
Webster, TX 77598

Great Lakes Region (Districts 6 and 7)

S. Freeman, Director
2041 Schrage Ave.
Whiting, IN 46394

Atlantic Region (Districts 3 and 8)

R. W. Bradley, Director
2722 Merrilee Dr., no.250
Fairfax, VA 22031