Colorado AFL-CIO




Denver Area Labor Federation
360 Acoma St., ste.202
Denver, Colorado 80223
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Preamble to the Constitution

We, of the Denver Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, recognize our duty to aid in the implementation of the aims and purposes of the AFL-CIO and are prepared to join in speaking and working for the benefit of the working men and women of the area within our jurisdiction, as well as the welfare of all the people therein.

In the realms of public relations, community development and legislative representation, we shall endeavor to exert influence for the improvement of the living standards and public environment of all people.

We shall oppose with all our collective influence, the shortsighted and decadent forces that seek to undermine the democratic institution, to halt or turn them back, or to otherwise curtail the forward march of the working man and woman to achieve a higher and more comfortable standard of living in this community.

With a humble realization of the responsibility inherent in our traditions, and a sincere belief in the ultimate success of justice and the right, bidding welcome to the challenges of the future, and leaning on the strong aid of the supreme Ruler of the universe, we proclaim this constitution.

-Established Nov.5,1882-