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Imerys Union Busting

  • Union Busting in Alabama
  • Imerys Acts "Two-Faced" in Its Labor Relations Dealings
  • Chronology of Imerys Union Busting
  • Charges Against Imerys for Labor Law Violations
  • Complaint Initiates Imerys Prosecution
  • Excerpts from the "Secret" Imerys Manual Used to Train Supervisors to Bust the Union in Sylacauga
  • Imerys Anti-Union Q & A
  • Imerys Horror Trip

    Who Controls Imerys?

  • Imerys Corporate Connections
  • Frere and Desmarais families of Belgium and Canada -- The Real Power Behind Imerys
  • Flowchart of Frere/Desmarais Family Ownership and Control
  • U.S. Dispute - Settlement Nearer?
  • Global Labor Agreements Call
  • Issues in Sylacauga Shareholders Meeting
  • Unions Say Belgium's Frere Family Must Intervene in Imerys U.S. Dispute

    Global Labor Solidarity

  • Imerys Faces Global Labor Action
  • Higgs in America 3/25: A Sylacauga Scrapbook
  • More Photos from the Campaign
  • Union leader: 'Nothing more basic than right to belong to a union'
  • Imerys Must Respect Labour Rights, World Union Leader Tells US Rally
  • Open Letter from Shem Hogan of TGWU
  • Solidarity Letter from FNCB, CFDT (France) October 8, 1999
  • Solidarity Letter from Transport and General Workers Union (Great Britain) November 24, 1999
  • In the Name of Syndicalism
  • Words and Faces of Imerys Workers in Sylacauga, Alabama
  • Boston Globe - Unions Flex New Muscle
  • Unions Announce Web site for Global Campaign on Imerys
  • ICFTU on Imerys Dispute
  • British Trade Unionists at Imerys' Largest Plant Mobilizing in Cornwall!
  • To Our Fallen Brother

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