Computing Machines

Born Again

Displays current local version of chessba.sh
a Bash chess engine by Bernhard Heinloth.

Bash Binsort

Binsort is our prototype binary tree build and traverse,
that is, sort, machine.

Binary Tree

An earlier version of that bubble sort with navigation
written in Quickbasic 4.5

Donatio App

A donation plate interface for a
church Web site.

Indexing Machine

Three modules written in Java perform a standard
Key Word in Context index expansion.

Ekon 2028

U.S. BLS output data projections aggregated and
made accessible via direct CGI input.

The Top 199

This Perl-based forum ruthlessly applies the principle,
First in, First out, Last in, Last out.

Voting Machine

This Bourne Again Shell (bash) ensemble can be seen
live at webshells.com/labor/ocaw/index5.htm


Web2Shell is an interface between one's own filesystem
and a Web page. See Ekon 2028