"Should the brief lust of a pair of sensualists be more beautiful
and wiser and more trustworthy in life, than the humble beginning
of a true marriage?"

               -Soren Kierkegaard, "Love Conquers All"-

"True love is that which not only affirms in subjective feeling
the absolute significance of human individuality in another and in
oneself, but also justifies this absolute significance in reality,
really rescues us from the inevitability of our demise and fills
out our life with an absolute content."

               -Vladimir Solovyov, "The Meaning of Love"-

               The Adoration of Concha

My Lord, that woman of mine deserves love.
If ever I fall flat, let spirits merge,
replacing sad torment with joyful urge,
rewarding one's persistence from above.

I need to plead to goddesses above
to guide my soul to Concha's elegance.
I hold onto her through the night in love,
and Concha shares her troubles if she wants.

Until the next of the promised stages,
to Concepcion I shall stay engaged.

               -23 November, 2000-

               Concha del Mar

Es requisito declarar a la Concha
en este preciso momento del dia
y para la Eternidad de arriba:
Senora, I love you, y tu familia.

Agarramos tradiciones de amor,
Concepcion, y la hija e hijastra
no puede no ver la sonrisa de luna
que sube reflejada en tu rostro.

Con que objetivo, se pregunta,
y yo, pereciendo de la soledad
y norteado por tus besos, tu querer,
digo, es de ser Uno en realidad.

               -26 January, 2001-

               Concepcion Rios 

Something simple was said, about forces
and facets through a prism:  you Concha
I know and bequeath.  Around you nature,
syzygetic love and faith in forces.

On ears are tears of pearls or platinum,
on finger a diamond and golden ring.

               -1 March, 2001-

LIN 11 425 1177
               14 March, 2001

     Quiero darte las
     gracias, por todo
     lo que haces por
     nosotros.  No se
     como voy a pagarte
     un dia pero, te lo
     agradesco de Corazón

               fam Rios

               Mi Gran Encuentro

Fuimos lado a lado en avion,
Yo pereciendo no por soledad,
sino todo del querer que te tengo.
Que bueno que unimos el corazon.

Para tu yo sere recurso leal,
y cuando se acaba de proveer
Yo vengo a ti con manos abiertas,
y sagradas memorias eternas.

               -30 April, 2001-

               Esposa Concha

I am in love with love and wear her ring.
If only someone other than a ghost
could interpenetrate everything,
esposa Concha would be first and most.

I would join with her in common law grid,
emulate the bonds of matrimony
until I'd wish we could have had a kid,
and I'm enriched until parsimony.

The youngest child has always gone to him
who loves stepdaughter, offers empty throne.
Don't promise a young girl on just a whim
your Eternal Love of Concepcion.

               -19 June, 2001-

               Friday the 13th 

I loved her as hard and well as I could,
yet she never "responded" as she should.
So I'm packing my heart up in a sling...
waiting for my wife to feel anything.

A suspended freeze now tightens my chest...
waiting for my wife to make a request.
I have no clue as to where to find love.
I'm giving her up, so help me above.

               -13 July, 2001-
LIN 11 415 3976
               5 August, 2001

     Dear Doug,

               Doug mi carro
     se descompuso de la
     transmicion y megustaria
     que vinieras para
     llevarlo a un taller de
     mecanico si puedes venir
     manana o si puedes
     llamarme por telefono
     cuando llegues de tu

               I te espero
               tu shell.
               Seashells and Sand

The way they leave us is like a window,
yet we ponder chin on fist from indoors.
They went away, and I should understand,
but both my ears are seashells and sand.

Friendship is something both sexes adore,
but the way they leave us is like a door.

               -6 October, 2001-


Conchita Velasquez and Sarah
Lea Rios went to Pueblo, bemused.
She got calls from four sons, none so known
in love as Alma, niece of Marina.

All joy wants this day - I had heard just now
my love had been repaid one bit by hers.
Quizas tu nunca vengas a Pueblo,
aunque yo prometo mi querer.

Concepcion J. Rios and Sarah:
futuro esposa querida.

               -16 December, 2001-

               Defining Moment

We sat with Sarah in the Mercury.
I was happy with our lives' existence.
Concha, I kissed your ring, and asked you then
If you would join me in two thousand three.

What I said was more like this:  Does, my love
this ring mean that we are "prometido"
and though you thought that Sarah might need you
The gods of the restaurant heard yes above.

Though Concha in your elegance never
would admit assent, outside the cafe
I touched Sarita's shoulder and told her,
Look up, there's been a change in the weather.

This is the last of my inspiration:
Concepcion "Connie" Rios.
By definition You bring me love throes,
Being becoming a destination.

Once my Concha said I love you too once:
the tie that binds was welded like handcuffs.

               -13 June, 2002-
               Home Business

A fifty-seven year old man named Bug
came to Pueblo with his Conception.
By that time, Doug was hopelessly in love,
his new wife Concha endlessly divine.

I get to pen these words and be the one
who once or more with his goddess alone
tasted perfection, the moon and the sun.
Into Lake Concha I sank with a swoon.

               -10 October, 2003-


Esposa Concha,
Marina te quiero,
gato y perro.

               -9 July, 2006-

               2000 Buick Century

It was in the past, the day we
bought the condo. I rubbed your back
and neck and shoulders. It was neat,
I lay down like a gunnysack.

By threading two eyelets I took
Concepcion in hands of Zeus -
she turned over. After the clerk
bespoke I had changed our address.

We went to Athens hand in hand,
and merged bodies, spirit and mind.
I drew your sister's name in sand,
yet love you for a diamond's time.

Of course, the woman bought the car:
I work for her, she fills my bier.

               -15 August, 2008-


Paul's paramour on Spruce is a hybrid,
the bridge to nowhere and my future life;
a refuge from the husband of the wife.
To kiss her right hand then is what I did.

It started when the girl from Routt showed up
(Across the street the redneck also croaked).
It may be when my English teacher spoke,
or when one Thursday Concha came to sup.

In order to get from A to B you
must leave unknown, except to the future,
how to advance from concept to nurture,
while also solving the problem of two.

When her old man died at fourteen oh nine
Spruce every Garcia dreamt Vivian.
His wife is lovely at seventy-eight
except of course her hair which is a fright.

Her high-school star is never coming back.
Since deportation did not slow Javier,
and Marisela's man is good to her,
I, transitional, will to fill that lack.

While all the omens point to Vivian,
with Concepcion I'll begin and end.

               -3 May, 2013-

               Concha's Seven Children

First conceived in Linda's Adams Morgan basement,
the long cold night embrace till sunrise came and went.

Though nothing would ever happen in trailer 41,
in 38's back room golden dreams reached back to Lucy.

While in Jeffco training for the Census to begin,
we clove to Concha in 403 of the Hampton Inn.

Take two for the great Robert Duvall, to his penthouse
where once I failed to please her, twice caroused.

A lifetime of frustration in a Minnesota motel,
replaced the 2d night by forever all is well.

And in my current bed and La Mirada,
I give Concepcion of Pueblo West her seventh child.

               -20 February, 2016-

               Modem Connect

When one hooks up an Internet modem
half the ribbon cable is half-twisted.
Tho' wires are crossed into and out of them,
the web starts to hum interconnected.

Series not a jumpstart - an empty shell
of bones meat skin hair become flesh between
my wife on my left, like Tlatelolco,
and "vecina" on my right, love redeemed.

"Esposa" in Denver is the sister
of the first married Mexican I loved,
but Angelina of Houston (kissed her)
is Julio's sister not his betrothed.

               -22 April, 2018-


Angelina Blasi-Ohmans you dominate my world: I
love you. I want her by my side underground eternally.
My "esposa" is Concha and Angelina will never
depart from memory, leave me lacking, yet ties are severed.

The shirt on my back is yours, divine Abo of Swallows land,
but in place of your brother her sister: M. Lazos's hand.

               -10 June, 2021-


               Julio's Sister

Angelina Blasi-Ohmans I dig you love,
for neither Marisela nor Maricela
is available since Julio is above.
Down below is my mom where Blasi-Ohmans dwells.

And Concha Ohmans is always on my left side
(by always I mean forever due to man's will).
Her sister Marina is at our left or right.
Angelina has been silent by voice or quill!

Turning to Angelina, rolling toward heaven
my spreading desire joins the absence of presence.
               -4 July, 2021-

"Glory be unto Thee, O my God! Verily,
this Thy servant and this Thy maidservant
have gathered under the shadow of Thy mercy
and they are united through Thy favor and
generosity. O Lord! Assist them in this Thy
world and Thy kingdom and destine for them
every good through Thy bounty and grace.
O Lord! Confirm them in Thy servitude and
assist them in Thy service. Suffer them to
become the signs of Thy Name in Thy world
and protect them through Thy bestowals
which are inexhaustible in this world
and the world to come. O Lord! They are
supplicating the kingdom of Thy mercifulness
and invoking the realm of Thy singleness.
Verily, they are married in obedience to
Thy command. Cause them to become the
signs of harmony and unity until the end
of time. Verily, Thou art the Omnipotent,
the Omnipresent and the Almighty!"


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