Visiting the Bishop Castle

The Bishop Castle is ALWAYS OPEN & ALWAYS FREE

PLEASE RESPECT the Bishop Castle and the people that live and work here ~ Friendly & Kind Folks will be treated Friendly & Kindly. Obnoxious, Rude & Unscrupulous People Will Be Treated Obnoxiously, Rudely, and Unscrupulously. Remember do unto others?

Please dispose of your trash into the proper containers

*** Keep in mind that the Bishop Castle is an open construction site. ***

***Exercise the utmost caution while visiting. ***

Visitors legally assume complete personal liabilty and contractual responsibility to indemnify (hold harmless) the Bishop Castle by stepping foot past the terms and conditions sign and onto the private property that is Bishop Castle.

Terms and conditions of visiting the Bishop Castle

Visitors are encouraged to explore the castle on their own as there are no guided tours. The best chance of being there while Mr. Bishop is actually building are the weekends. He is often there building during the week but never on a set schedule. From May through October there is a gift shop open on the premises seven days a week, weekends and weather permitting the rest of the year, where the friendly staff is always available to answer questions and provide local information. 719.485.3040 There are also numerous local opportunities for hiking, picnicking, camping, eating, horseback riding, and lodging which we will be glad to tell you about.

There is no Fire-Building in the Castle

Don't forget that the resident Dragon usually gets fired up on weekends Memorial Day through Labor Day, sometimes with a Bonus Surprise guarenteed to Amaze!

To get to the Bishop Castle you will be driving on the Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway, a nationally designated beautiful drive!

The roads will take you up to 9,200+ feet above sea level and the air is much thinner than down below.

Drink Lots of Water!!!

Also please keep in mind that the nearest gas stations are 18 miles to the south (Rye), 29 miles to the west (Westcliffe), 33 miles to the north (Florence), and 48 miles to the east (Pueblo). Please Fill Your Tank before heading up the mountain!!!

Here is a local map of the southern front range in Colorado showing the Bishop Castle

The easiest way to get to Bishop Castle is from I-25. Take exit #74 at Colorado City and head towards the mountains. (right off the exit ramp from the north and left off the exit ramp from the south) This puts you on Colorado state highway 165 and it's 24 miles without a turn to the Castle. You will see signs for the castle as you come upon it, and there's usually many cars out front.

The Scenic Route, from Colorado Springs, is to take Hwy. 115 south to Florence, turn left at the first traffic light onto Hwy. 67, turn right onto Hwy 96 in Wetmore and at the next junction you will see signs for the BishopCastle. Turn left there onto Hwy. 165 and it's 12 miles.

Bishop Castle can also be reached from the Salida area by heading east on Hwy. 50 to Texas Creek and turning right onto Hwy. 69 into Westcliffe. Turn left once in Westcliffe onto Hwy. 96 and travel until you see the Bishop Castle signs at the junction with Hwy. 165. Turn right and it's 12 miles.

For more information, feel free to call us on the property at 719.485.3040

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