School Group Tours, Picnics, or Campouts

at the Bishop Castle!

Countless times over the years the Bishop Castle has been asked to host a school's

picnic, class photo shoot, or annual campout. Mr. Bishop has also been asked on many

occasions to give an inspirational talk to a class about the value of having a dream

in this day and age and sticking with it. There are numerous possibilites in having

your school's activites involve the Bishop Castle!

There is never any cost or set fee's in having an event at the Bishop Castle, but as a

non-profit 501(c)3 charitable foundation, we ask that a suitable donation be made

for any such use. The amount is entirely up to what your organization feels is

appropriate for it's particular use, and is entirely tax-deductable, reciepts are available.

Please contact us for scheduling information. 719.485.3040 seven days a week mid May -

October, weekends and weather permitting the rest of the year.

You may also e.mail us:

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