Recent Bishop Castle Publicity

The Bishop Castle has recently recieved some significant publicity. On Monday, September 3rd, 2001, Labor Day, the Denver Post ran a three page article with seven photos of the castle. And as if that isn't significant enough, two of the color photos were on the FRONT PAGE!

To view this article, visit the Denver Post's website and enter their archives for 9/3/01 - Bishop Castle.

Up-Coming Bishop Castle coverage:

Home & Garden T.V. (HGTV) recently spent a day at the Bishop Castle filming a segment for their popular series "Dream Builders". We still haven't heard from them when this segment will be aired, but as soon as we know we'll post it here, so stay tuned fans!

We just recieved word that on Wednesday Sept. 12, 2001 a film crew from National Geographic (!!!) will be at the Bishop Castle to film a segment for their t.v. news show. Again, we will post details as soon as they are known...

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the one and only Bishop Castle!

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