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For the most recent photos from the summer of 2001 & Winter 2002

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For the most recent photos from the summer of 2000, go here!


Summer 1999 and early 2000 Construction Photos

1999 saw Jim on the ground for the first time in many years with trowel in hand. He said it was a strange experience, after so long going ever higher. But he wanted to create a grand stairway leading up from the driveway to the walkway under the front arches. He was especially motivated because he wanted to complete the stairs before his oldest daughter Valerie's wedding on-site in the middle of August!

The main chimney on the north-west side of the castle also saw a lot of attention during the warm months of the summer, with Jim adding many feet of stone work, coming closer and closer to it's intended height!

early 2000 has already seen Jim hanging off the sides of the main keep with welder in hand! He has developed a tremendous excitement about getting the Grand Hall's outside balcony started. It began with some unusually mild end of February weather and a desire to make an easier access to the dragon. He built a free-standing wrought iron spiral staircase at the top of the front corner courtyard butress with the stairs. That became the anchorings for the balcony itself, and as of the 2nd of April, the balcony extends all of the way to the side door of the hall!

This last weekend even saw Jim hanging off the sides and welding in a snowstorm!

And of course Jim was the first to test them out!

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