Here are some ongoing efforts that we'd love to enlist your help with!

The More the Merrier!


Of course, actually helping on a couple of the on-site property beautification projects through the Friends of the Castle volunteer organization is always encouraged and appreciated. If you would like to find out what is currently happening with the Friends of the Castle projects, please call us at 719.485.3040 or e.mail us:

Be a Part of History! (not apart from it...)

Interstate Road Sign

The Bishop Castle is currently engaged in applying for a directional highway sign for the castle to be place both north and south of I-25 exit #74. We hear all the time that folks had a difficult time finding the place if they didn't know already, and there's always the folks who have heard about the place but have no idea where we are, so a sign seems to be in great demand by our guests. You can help with this by contacting either CDOT and dropping them an e.mail requesting the sign, or even more efficient, call or mail Colorado Representative Scott McInnis and let him know you're in support of a road sign for the Bishop Castle at exit #74.

The Honorable Scott McInnis

320 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515

or call his regional office at: 719.543.8200



Guiness Book of World Records

Bishop Castle is trying to qualify for the Guiness Book of World Records, where it rightfully belongs. However, Guiness says that they feel that there is no way to verify that one man and one man only has built the vast majority of Bishop Castle. Go to their site and navigate to where you can submit the Bishop Castle for their book. The more folks that do this, the more they will pay attention. You can also sign an affidavit at the gift shop at the castle that testifies to how many times you've visited and if you've ever seen anybody other than Jim Bishop working on the castle itself.


We will see Jim get the recognition he deserves within his lifetime!


National Geographic

National Geographic is running a special section on unique zip codes in each edition of their magazine each month now. You can request certain zip codes for them to cover on their website so request 81069 which is the zip Bishop Castle/San Isabel are in, and mention the Bishop Castle. It would be great to get such National Publicity!!!

Nominate on-line here!

or e.mail your suggestion

or write them snail mail at:

National Geographic Zip Nomination

P.O. Box 96095

Washington, D.C. 20090-6095



 We would really appreciate it if someone who knows the intimate in's & out's of getting one's webpage onto the top of the best search engines would give us a little help. We're kind of swamped with doings around here and the help would be wonderful. Please e.mail us if you could help therein...

AND.... If anyone has the ability to pass us on to any worthwhile coverage of the Bishop Castle, newspaper, radio, television, web, etc., we would REALLY REALLY appreciate it. Pass the word on to us and we'll do everything we can to assist and thank you!


We thank you for anything you take the time to do in support of the ongoing construction of the one and only Bishop Castle!

e.mail us ~


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