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Over the last couple of years we've heard about more and more websites that folks have created about the Bishop Castle, and some have stuck around to become classics that we really appreciate. We'd like to thank all those folks who have contributed to spreading the word about the castle, because word of mouth excitement has consistently from day one brought more people from all over the world to experience the inspiring wonder of Bishop Castle than anything else.

However, the more sites we saw, the more we had occasion to chuckle at some of the creative interpretations we sometimes read about certain castle facts, dates, origins, and even our location and the directions to us sometimes varied! T'is one of the reasons we saw strong need for a site that was straight from the dragons mouth, so to speak, so take your wanderings around castle territory carefully indeed friend...

We do hope you enjoy these bastion out-posts of the Bishop Castle though, where often some unusual and creative photography resides, and the lore can be quite entertaining. And please, as always,

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This is where you can get a transcript of NPR's All Things Considered that produced a segment on Bishop Castle's 25th anniversary & Jim Bishop's 50th birthday in early 1995.

This site is from the creator of the Official Bishop Castle Screen Saver:

RoadSide America is dedicated to documenting rare and unusual back-road goodies...

Some good picture galleries:

The Colorado Directory is an excellent source of information on visiting the state:

This is actually an incredible directory of American Castles coast to coast:

This is a unique site about the Oddfellows Local 151 trip to Bishop Castle:

Here's some of our local visitors guides: (the first page takes a while to load...)

Another big castle supporter:

These folks run an international directory of castles. Pretty cool:

Castles of the World


*** If you have created a web page about the Bishop Castle, or know about one, and we've missed it here, e.mail us and we'll check it out to include in this page.

Thank You for Your Support!

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