Valerie A. Walker

Candidate for City Council - District 1

ON JULY 25TH VALERIE Walker, a 15+ year Golden resident, announced her intention to run for District 1 city council seat.

"Our form of government requires that the elected representatives respect and truly represent the majority vote. Unfortunately, this has not happened in Golden" said Walker.

In November of 1995 the voters of Golden said NO by 74% to 26% margin to providing financial incentives for the Interplaza West site. Yet on April 22, 1999 the City Council approved $3.7 million in incentives for the same site.

"As a mother, I want my children to grow up believing that democracy works. I want my children to know that when they vote, their vote counts. I want my children to know that their elected representatives will uphold and support the majority vote. I am running to ensure that this future will exist in Golden."

"I want Golden to be the best small community in which to live and raise a family" said Walker, who indicated that some components of this goal involve a healthy and viable downtown, housing stock that allows people to live out all the days of their lives as Golden residents and preservation of open space - like the Table Mountains - that buffers Golden from metro Denver.

Walker also believes the completion of a metro wide beltway through the middle of the town is a great threat to the quality of life in Golden. Having lived and worked in cities with beltways Walker says from experience that "beltways destroy cities and encourage sprawl. Any alignment that does not take into account Golden's unique topographic and historic setting is unacceptable."

She helped spearhead the one percent growth ordinance and insists upon maintaining its original intent.

Walker holds two degrees from the Colorado School of Mines and enjoyed a career as a petroleum geologist for Mobil Oil Corp. She is presently a full-time mother of two children who attend Jefferson County schools and a part-time instructor of Geology at Red Rocks Community College. Jake Coats, her husband of 15 years, is retired from the oil industry, is pursuing a PhD. in physics from the Colorado School of Mines, and is active in the Boy Scouts.

Voters may contact Ms. Walker at 303-279-0327 or by email.