Chronology of Jefferson County's
Purchase Offers for South Table Mountain
From Most Recent to Earliest Offers

KKK Cross Burning on Castle Rock, 1925

July 6, 2000 Press Release
No Date Map of South Table Mountain lands
July 3, 2000 Landowners' rejection of the county's third purchase offer
June 16, 2000 Leo Bradley's letter taking exception to statements in county's June 16, 2000 letter
June 16, 2000 County's third purchase offer to reappraise South Table Mountain and purchase the property at 90% of appraised value
January 27, 2000 Landowners' rejection of county's second purchase offer
December 17, 1999 County's offer to purchase remaining lands for $13.5 million for 1,000 acres plus 200 acres of conservation easements
December 1, 1999 Letter to landowners showing previous Open Space purchases
November 29, 1999 Response from landowners regarding development process
November 12, 1999 County's letter clarifying county land development regulations
November 10, 1999 Landowners' clarification of April 15, 1999 rejection
April 15, 1999 Landowners' letter rejecting county's first purchase offer
December 2, 1998 County's first purchase offer for South Table Mountain at $14 million for 1,400 acres
April 30, 1998 Leo Bradley's letter in reply to county's letter correcting the record
April 24, 1998 County's letter correcting the record of Leo Bradley's representation of April 14, 1998, meeting
April 17, 1998 Leo Bradley's letter allowing the county until December 31, 1998, to make an offer to purchase South Table Mountain