Committees do all of the important work of keeping our Society running smoothly and offering the best possible activities and services to our members and friends. Following is a list of current standing committees, with brief descriptions of their charters. We ask members to be involved in at least one committee as part of their commitment to FUS.

  • Caring Committee. As a critical part of member support and caring for our congregation, the Committee remains apprised of members and friends of the church’s concerns and needs, and provides the most appropriate support possible.
  • Committee on Ministry. The Committee on Ministry (CoM) serves as a support group and communications channel among congregational members and friends. One of the primary goals of the CoM is to encourage direct and constructive communication among members/friends of the congregation and between members/friends and the Board of Directors and staff when any issues or problems arise.
  • Finance Committee. The Finance Committee works to ensure that FUS’s financial systems and processes are healthy and transparent, allowing the community to pursue its mission.
  • Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee organizes and plans activities to raise funds to assist in the finances of FUS.
  • Programs Committee. The Programs Committee plans and coordinates Sunday
  • Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is welcoming of all who attend the church and supports and enhances the growth of the congregation.
  • Social Activities Committee. The Social Activities Committee builds community through social activities.
  • Social Justice Committee. The Social Justice Committee informs and educates congregational members and the community in areas of social concerns as they represent our stated mission of creating a more caring, sustainable world, promoting peace and justice, and recognizing the interdependence of all life.