Introducing readyrider!

A special Thank You for our most frequent airport commuter riders. For every 10 purchased airport trips a customer makes with us, we will provide a free trip as follows:

  1. Customers are to retain Golden West Commuter ticket receipts showing amount paid and date of issue. Copies of ticket receipts are not valid.

  2. A group of 10 valid ticket receipts mailed to Golden West Commuter will yield one (1) free ride of like value. Receipts should not be mixed, i.e., 10 1-way receipts yield a free 1-way ticket and likewise for Round Trip receipts.

  3. The readyrider program can only be executed via mail through the Golden West Commuter offices at the address on the back of ticket receipts. Counter, Reservations, and driving personnel are not authorized to provide free rides under any circumstances.

  4. Customers who wish to participate must mail receipts to Golden West Commuter, Attn: readyrider, P.O. Box 386, Golden, CO 80401 with a letter showing customer's 1st and last name, mailing address, contact telephone numbers and optional email address.

  5. On verification of submitted receipts, a free airport ticket will be mailed to the submitting party for personal use. The ticket will have no expiration date.

Visit this page often for ground transit news and special readyrider offers.