Send in the Clones!

Although Scotland may be ahead of us biotechwise, we've made some solid cloning advances right here in Golden, Colorado. Our genetic engineers prefer to work in the far more complex medium of voluntary human associations. Nevertheless, you'll notice some striking similarities in the germ plasm of our leading develolpment agencies and advocacy groups. We at GOLDENCO.ORG are confident that in just a few short years the genetic material of all four boards will be identical. We think that's just fine. Red letters indicate a clone board recidivist. Click on the link to find out more about the individual. Click on the individual's name or use your return button to get back to this page.
Golden Good Government League
Golden Civic Foundation
Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA)
Greater Golden Area Chamber of Commerce

Samantha Borelli

John Brunel

Jerry Devitt

Greg Holden

Bob Lowry

Rick Lunnon

Bill Robie

Dave Shuey

John Tracy


Tom Plummer, President

Joy Brandt, Vice President

Joe Rillos, Treasurer

Chuck Baroch, Secretary and Executive Director

Voting Board Members

Pat Madison

Carol Harwood

Non-voting Members

Marv Kay

Bob Lowry

Lorie Gillis

Bruce Whitaker


Carol Harwood, Chair

Ed Dorsey

G. Scott Gagon

Lary Johnson

Pat Kellenbenz

Donna Plummer

Dave Shuey

Vickie Wagner

Clay Wade


Samantha Borelli

Buck Bows

Jack Brandt

Jerry Devitt

Michelle Dobbins

Pat Kellenbenz

Robert Moore

Chris Powers

Dave Schuey

Nic Skorski

John Tracy

Mike Winckler

Jan Zehr

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