Wealth Preservation
with Robert T. Duvall
Colorado Health & Life Insurance License #55090

INSURANCE IS A VITAL part of preserving the value of your estate.
Here are six failsafe ways to protect it through insurance products:

Estate taxes paid through a third party Insurance Trust
This generally requires a Trust to be the owner of the insurance policy of the owner of the estate. The beneficiary is typically a spouse or in-law who uses the tax-free money to pay estate taxes.
Long Term Care insurance
Long term care insurance usually pays nursing homes, or medical care facilities, after the 90-day Medicare exemption period. New policies can be structured as annuities with an LTC rider to pay if care is needed.
Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance generally pays your monthly income as long as you are unable to work in your profession.
Medicare Supplement
Many plans are currently available to pay miscellaneous costs, not covered under Medicare.
Annuities you cannot outlive, including Charitable Tax Credit Gift Annuities
Click here for Real Estate Transfer example.
Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL)
A very popular form of life insurance that is tied to some type of stock market index to increase the value depending on current market conditions.

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