Return of Deposit

IF THE FOLLOWING conditions are met, we will forward your deposit within 30 days:

  1. The duration of the lease contract has been fulfilled.
  2. The full rent amount owed has been paid. (Your security deposit is NOT to be used as the last month's rent.)
  3. The property will be vacated by the agreed date. Please understand that if you are not completely vacated by then, you can be charged for a complete month's rent.
  4. All keys returned to our office and make sure we have a forwarding address.
  5. The utilities, telephone, cable and water/sewer bills have been paid through the last day of your lease, if applicable. This may entail a "final reading" which must be arranged with that particular company.
  6. Property is well cleaned for a new resident. The following cleaning list is used to make the property ready for the new resident. The less cleaning people have to to do, the more refund you will receive.
  7. Deductions will be made for any damage beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Stove: Clean oven, broiler pan, outside, under and behind. Replace drip pans with new. Some stoves have top that lifts up to clean under stove-pans.
  • Vent Hood: Clean greasy residue from inside/outside of hood; aluminum filter may be washed in sink.
  • Dishwasher: Clean front and inside.
  • Refrigerator: Clean inside, outside, under and behind. Defrost and remove any water left below crisper drawers. DO NOT USE SHARP INSTRUMENTS.
  • Bathrooms: Clean sink, tub, counters, cabinets, toilet and floor.
  • Carpet/Vinyl Floors: Vacuum, mop vinyl or tile floors, and professionally clean all carpets (Chem-Dri).
  • Woodwork and Doors: Wash off fingerprints and spots.
  • Cabinets/Closets: Remove all shelf paper, decals, coat hangers, trash and damp wipe.
  • Windows: Clean inside panes, sills and frames with Windex.
  • Window Coverings: Dust and wipe mini-blinds and clean drapes.
  • Walls: Remove nails, but DO NOT fill holes. Small nail holes will not be charged against you, but large ones will, even if you try to fill and cover them.
  • Fireplace: Clean inside and outside. Remove all ashes.
  • Fixtures/Ceiling Fans: Clean covers and blades. Replace all missing or burnt out bulbs.
  • Porches/Patios/Yards: Sweep and clean. Mow and rake leaves if applicable. Remove all trash.
Deductions are made from the security deposit only for just cause. Such charges include, but are not limited to, any replacement of damaged or missing fixtures, appliance parts or other items furnished to the tenants. Labor charges include installation, cleaning, patching, sanding, etc. including the cost of cleansers. If you do not clean or repair the damaged or soiled items prior to moving out, charges will be deducted from your security deposit.