David Stonefield, Moderator
Senior Environmental Engineer
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Research Triangle, NC
Sandy Webb, P.E. Practice Director
The Weinberg Group, Inc.
Washington, D. C.
Katherine Andrus, Senior Attorney
Cutler and Stanfield, L.L.P.
Washington, D. C.

Estella De La Fuente, Environmental Affairs Director
Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport

AIR TOXICS PANEL (9:30 - 10:45)

Richard Kassel, Senior Attorney / Moderator
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York City, NY

Nick Krull
National Research Council Panel for the Atmospheric Effects of Aviation
Tulsa, OK

Patricia Morris
Air & Radiation Division
US EPA Region V
Chicago, Il
Bill Piazza, Environmental Assessment Coordinator
Environmental Health and Safety Branch
Los Angeles Unified School District


Stephen Seidel, Senior Advisor / moderator
Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division
Evironmental Protection Agency
Washington, D. C.
Rich Lawrence, Project Manager
Atmospheric Effects of Aviation Project, NASA
Greenbelt, MD

Stephen O. Anderson, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Climate Projects
Atmospheric Pollution  Prevention Division
Washington, D. C.

Captain Russ Chew, Manager, Environmental Department
American Airlines
Dallas, TX

Shari Zuskin, Project Manager/Moderator 
Engineering and Analysis Division
Washington, D. C.
Alec Simpson, Manager
Transport Canada
Ottowa, Ontario

George Legarreta
Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Airport Planning and Programming
Washington,  D.C.
Craig Collins, Vice President
Inland Technologies, Inc
Truro, Nova Scotia

WATER DESIGN  (9:30-10:45)

Kevin Black, Senior Staff Representative Environmental Safety/Moderator
United Airlines
Chicago, IL
John Lengel, Environmental Engineer
Camp, Dresser and McKee
Columbus, OH
Dean Mericas, Associate Vice-President
Limno-Tech, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
George Friggon
Dames and Moore
Bethesda, MD

Tim Gwynette, Manager Environmental Programs/ moderator
Salt Lake City Airport Airport Authority
Don McLeay, Manager of Environmental Affairs
Air Canada
Montreal, Quebec
Bill Flannery, Aviation Director
Des Moines International Airport
Mary Loeffelholz, Manager of Environmental Engineering
Northwest Airlines
St. Paul, MN

Henry Hogo, Planning Manager/Moderator
South Coast Air Quality Management District Planning and Rules
Diamond Bar, CA
Bill Becker, Executive Director
Washington, D. C.

Sue Gander
Center for Clean Air Policy
Washington, D. C.

Mathew Payne
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Mobile Sources
Ann Arbor, MI

Drew Kodjak, Attorney/Policy Analyst
Boston, MA

FACTORS IN GROWTH  (2:15-3:30)

Paul Dykeman, Deputy Director
Federal Aviation Agency - Environment & Energy Programs
Washington, D. C.
Peter Kirsch, Senior Attorney
Cutler and Stanfield
Denver, CO
Richard Simon, ESQ.
McDermott - Will - Emery
Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Karaganis, Attorney
Karaganis and White
Chicago, IL 60610


Tim Haskell, Manager Noise Abatement
Metro Nashville Airport Authority
Scott Belcher, Managing Director
Environmental Affairs
Air Transport Association
Washington, D. C.

Victor Globa, Environmental Operations Manager
Burbank Airport

One to be added


Gary Honcoop, Manager Strategic Analysis & Liaison Section
California Air Resources Board
Sacramento, CA
Ira Pearl, Director of Environmental Services
Delta Air Lines
Atlanta, GA
Jim Humphries, Air Quality Coordinator
Sacramento County, Department of Airports

Ron Burke,  Director of Environmental Health
American Lung Association  of Metro Chicago

Max Shauck, Ph.D
Chairman of the Aviation Sciences Department
Baylor University
Waco, TX
AFV SESSION  (9:30-11:00)

David Rodgers, Director/Moderator
Office of Technology Utilization
Washington, D. C.
Mike McCabe, Manager
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI
Stephen Ellis, Manager NGV Sales and Marketing
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Torrance, CA
Craig Duffy, Manager 
General Motors Alternative Fuels Division
Troy, MI
Michael Clements, Manager AFV Sales and Marketing
Fleet Operations
Chrysler Corporation
Southfield, MI
REGIONAL TRANS PLNG (11:15 - 12:15)

Jim Gosnell, Director of Planning and Policy/Moderator
Southern California Association of Governments
Los Angeles, CA

Craig Richardson, Director of Land Use and Transportation Programs
Clean Airport Partnership
Lakewood, Colorado

Nigel Finney, Deputy Executive Director
Planning and Environment
Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport

FUNDING  (8-10)

Scott Biehl, Assistant Chief Counsel for Environment and Regional Operations
U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration
Washington, D. C.

Ed Merlis, Senior Vice-President Legislative Affairs
Air Transport Association of America
Washington, D. C.

Roy Kienitz, Executive Director
Surface Transportations Policy Project
Washington, D. C.

Catherine M. Lang, Deputy Director
Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Airport Planning and Programming
Washington, D. C.

INNOVATIVE (10:15-12:00)

Matt Coogan, Transportation Consultant/Moderator
White River Junction, VT 05001
Jim Jarvis, Manager of Transportation Planning
Massachusetts Port Authority
Boston, MA
Brian Campbell, Planning Manager
The Port of Portland
Lawrence Dahms
Exective Director
Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Oakwood, CA
Bill Fife, Coroporate Vice President, Director of Aviation Service
Fredrick R. Harris, Inc.
New York, NY