The Studio

My studio exists in my head.
At any given moment,
somewhere in the recesses of my mind,
a creative endeavor is finding shape, space,
or solution to some real or imagined difficulty.

I recently understood the equation for an ellipse.
The concept was presented in college algebra.
I fumbled through the exercizes,
knowing someday,
the information would prove valuable.
Funny thing about math class,
the opportuntiy to apply the concepts in the real world
rarely coincide with the sylabus.
It wasn't until I needed to layout a twenty-eight foot ellipse,
elements of the distance formula finally made sense.
Thank God: the string method wasn't working!

In reality tho, I work out of a garage.
Approximately, 440 square feet,
filled with a life's collection of tools,
a coffee pot, and cool junque.
I would like to push back the walls,
add a few skylights,
create some more room,
but I don't own the place.
My yard is the size of a park.
It is extremely difficult
to tear myself away from a project
to mow the grass.

I made the attempt to put some of my work in the yard
for the neighbors to enjoy.
This was ok,
for awhile,
until the landscape became a little crowded,
and the mrs. let me know the ambiance was becoming
"a lil tacky."
If prudence is the better part of valor,
then, for a married creative;
compromise is the better part of continuing to create.
Perhaps, I'll just make more stuff
for the inside of the house,
until the ambiance becomes
"a lil tacky."

I will keep the windmills in the yard,

Cloud MillClipper Mill

maybe a sculptured bird or two.

The Cock Fighters They add a certain flare to the environment.

I had hoped to get a fountain out there this summer.

Alas, so much to do, so little time.

At any given time, there are five to ten enterprises in progress.
Sometimes, the studio gets so crowded with stuff
I'll take time to re-organize the tools and sweep the floor.
My projects run the gamut from original compositions
to custom works for individual clients and professional designers.
I work predominately in metal, steel, and found objects,
I am available for commissions.
If you have a creative idea
that begs reality,
contact me.
Check my Commissions page for more information.
commissions page is currently under construction.
In the interim, feel free to e-mail
Lawrence A. Durant