The Works

In the last few years, I've completed over three hunderd pieces.
I have managed to take photographs of a third.
At the present time, I'm scratching my head to determine
the best way to present an on-line portfolio that runs the gamut
of all the various stuff I've had the opportunity to do;
is easy to navigate, quick to load, and worthy of your time.
For now, I will expose you to a passion of mine;
cutting clouds from steel.

Cloud Scenarios

Son of ThunderCondensation Nuclei
Both Sides Now

These three are among a collection of eighteen pieces on display
in the Jefferson Unitarian Church,
between Febuary 3rd. thru Febuary 29th. 2000
14350 W. 32nd Avenue
Golden,Colorado 80401.
Call 303-279-5282 for additional information

The clouds are fabricated in light gauge, carbon steel,
cut with a plasma cutter or a torch, and given dimension by hand.
They are entitled;
Son of Thunder, Condensation Nuclei, and Both Sides Now.

For more information on price and availability contact:
Lawrence A. Durant