I wake up in the morning, manage to put my boots on, everything after that is a bonus.
I'm staring 40 in the face. God, the time has gone so fast.
It took too many years to figure out what I really wanted to do. I'll never have the time, in the time which remains, to explore or investigate my seemingly endless interests, or build everything I want to.

As an Artist, Craftsman, and one who has spent many years as a repressed creative, I'm not given to pretentious statements on how or why I create. My belief system is quite simple.

I believe, Eons ago, God the great creator, motivated by intense loneliness, gave form and fashion to incomprehensible thoughts and filled the universe with objects of beauty and grace.
I also believe, God, the Father, lovingly created man out of the elements he made.
Therefore, it seems perfectly natural to me, to stretch forth my hands to the elements from which I was created and attempt to form objects that are worthy of bearing the image of God and worthy of the essence of the materials from which we were forged.
Personally, I don't see myself as a creator;
only a manipulator of things already made. In forming and re-fabricating the elements of the earth, I find great peace and oneness with all things. My spirit resonates as I work. Self justifications to make anything are unneccessary and I am influenced by just about everything. In short, I like to make stuff. I figure the creative endeavor you or I don't do, is the one we don't learn anything from.
Finally, I believe art is to share.
I hope you enjoy what you see within these pages.
Grace and Peace to you.

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