/* Written 8:03 AM Nov 17, 1998 by FBOYLE@law.uiuc.edu in
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Dear Colleagues: 

     I can assure you these these ADL "enemies lists" and
"blacklists" do indeed exist. I have seen them myself and
have some of them in my files. As I said before,when a
Jewish Professor friend of mine was blacklisted and
subjected to McCarthyite tactics by them and AIPAC, I
filed a Complaint on behalf of my friend and all other
American Professors who had been blacklisted by ADL/AIPAC
as "enemies" and subjected to McCarthyite tactics with
the AAUP. The cowards and hypocrites at the AAUP refused
to help, whereupon I resigned my membership in the AAUP.
For my efforts I was then blacklisted by ADL.

     By the way, ADL was sharing this illegally gathered
intelligence information with the Afrikaaner apartheid
regime in South Africa. Many of us who worked for
Palestinian human rights were also involved in the
struggle against apartheid in South Africa. See my
Defending Civil Resistance under International Law
(Transnational:1987). The Complaint that I filed with the
AAUP is currently being used by former Congressman
McCloskey in the prosecution of these lawsuits. 

Francis A.Boyle

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