DENVER Apr.23, 2003 - A $9.75 million libel award against
        the Anti-Defamation League for publicly calling an Evergreen
        couple anti-Semitic was upheld Tuesday by a federal appeals

        William and Dorothy Quigley won the judgment in April 2000
        after the ADL's remarks at a news conference. The incident
        arose out of a dispute between the Quigleys and neighbors
        Mitchell and Candice Aronson, who are Jewish. The original
        judgment was $10.5 million, but a judge reduced that to $9.75
        million in 2001 because the Quigleys had won a separate but
        related judgment against the Aronsons over wiretapping

        The ADL appealed the libel judgment, but the 10th U.S. Circuit
        Court of Appeals upheld the smaller award.

        ADL regional director Bruce DeBoskey declined to comment.

        The appeals court overturned the jury's finding that the
        ADL had invaded the Quigleys' privacy, saying the jury
        instructions were faulty. That decision had no effect on the
        libel award.

        The dispute dates to 1994. The Aronsons claimed the Quigleys
        made anti-Semitic remarks in phone conversations that the
        Aronsons taped.

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