--Developers' Award--

A. Saundra Eberhard-Vitaliano
for Jefferson County Commissioner

Alexandria Friends, Jefferson County is Colorado's premier location to live and work because of its natural beauty, open spaces, proximity to the mountains and wealth of natural and personal resources. I pledge to continue to fight to maintain these attributes.

P.O. Box 620775
Littleton, CO 80162-0775

Why vote for Saundra for Jefferson County Commissioner?

Saundra Eberhard-Vitaliano's background as a community leader is demonstrated by the many volunteer organizations in which she has participated in the attempt to advocate for our communities in South Jefferson County and in the county and region as a whole: The Denver Regional Council of Governments 2020 Task Force; The Colorado Environmental Council; The South Jefferson County Environmental Council Board of Directors; The Future JeffCO Strategic Plan; The Ken Caryl Ranch Board of Directors; The Aspen Meadows Trust Fund Board of Directors; The Denver School of the Arts Executive Board; American Planning Association and others.

During the past 20 years, Saundra created or held responsible positions as director or coordinator of several programs in both non-profit and for profit organizations. Responsibilities included the hiring, training, evaluation and supervision of personnel as well as writing personnel policies, management procedures and operation and accounting procedures. Her business management, accounting and systems development and board experiences will serve her well in creating policy for the people of Jefferson County.

The key issue in our county is the cost of irresponsible growth in terms of the loss of quality of life, loss of open space, and negative fiscal impacts to the way our tax dollars are spent. Growth occurring without thoughtful planning has resulted in houses sliding down hills and horrendous traffic congestion causing smelly, harmful, air pollution.

Eberhard-Vitaliano will work to implement a county-wide balanced, strong, growth management plan based in part on the Future Jeffco Strategic Plan which was a very fair process involving developers, businesses, environmentalists, community and homeowner groups. She will work to see that existing roadways are safe and that multi model forms of transportation are explored while encouraging expanded service by RTD in our county.

The RX committee appointed because of forecasts of a coming future budgetary crisis, in their last discussion, proposed budgetary cutbacks by lowering levels of service or eliminating certain services. They proposed staff cutbacks through attrition. Staff has responded that the work load in Planning and Zoning is extraordinarily high and with the pressure from the new Regulatory Advisory Committee to "stream-line" and speed up development procedures, staff is concerned about being able to maintain high quality standards. As it is, the monitoring of regulatory procedures in the county is already weak vis a vis sliding Green Mountain, and grading problems in Willow Springs.

The need to cutback services or lower the standards of services is the first symptom that growth is not paying for itself, and you and I are. The frenzied madness approach to trying to solve the costs of growth is to allow more of it to occur irresponsibly. This usually happens because elected officials are not taking the necessary time to research and evaluate the costs of growth and implement designs for growth to occur in a balanced, responsible, thoughtful manner.

There must be interjurisdictional cooperation. Municipalities like Arvada need to realize the danger of this kind of action. The entire county must cooperate on designing a thoughtful growth management plan.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect A. Saundra Eberhard-Vitaliano, Craig Grabau, Treasurer
Eberhard-Vitaliano, Craig Grabau, Treasurer