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Candidates for US president
Author Jim Devine
Date 07/01/25/15:33
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Candidates to Outnumber Voters in '08
One in Two Americans Running for President, Experts Say

FOR THE FIRST time in American history, the number of Americans
running for president in 2008 will actually be greater than the number
of Americans voting for president, electoral experts said today.

With politicians throwing their hats in the ring at a torrid pace, by
November of 2008 one out of every two Americans is expected to be
running for the nation's highest office an extraordinary figure by
any measure.

While the negative tone of recent election campaigns have turned off
voters in record numbers, the appeal of being the world's most
powerful person has never been greater, causing the two trend lines to

In the last week alone, Senators Hillary Clinton (D-New York), Barack
Obama (D-Illinois), and Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) have established
exploratory committees, but so have some 40,000 other Americans,
according Carol Foyler, executive director of the Committee on
Exploratory Committees.

Ms. Foyler said that the sharp increase in the number of Americans
yearning to be president can be credited to President George W. Bush,
"who makes the job look like fun."

"In the past, Presidents have had to seek the approval of Congress and
obey the Constitution," Ms. Foyler said. "President Bush has shown
that you don't have to do that."

The fact that over 140 million Americans are expected to run for
president in 2008 does not deter most aspirants, Ms. Foyler said,
explaining, "Most of them still have a better shot than Kucinich."

[by Andy Borowitz]

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