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peace signs
Author Dan Scanlan
Date 03/02/10/23:39
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Signs from the Jan 18 peace rally in San Francisco:

Drunken frat boy drives country into ditch.

Bush/Cheney: Malice in Blunderland

War begins with 'Dubya'.

A picture of Bush saying "Why should I care what the American people
think? They didn't vote for me."

Bush is to Christianity as Osama is to Islam.

Bush is proof that empty warheads can be dangerous.

Let's bomb Texas, they have oil too.

How did our oil get under their sand?

If you can't pronounce it, don't bomb it.

1000 points of light and one dim bulb.

Preemptive impeachment.

No George, I said Mac Attack.

Frodo has failed, Bush has the ring.

Look, I'll pay more for gas!

It's the stupid economy.

Draft dodgers shouldn't start wars.

War is sweet to those who haven't tasted it (Erasmus).

Pillow fights only.

Our grief [over 9/11] is not a cry for war.

You don't have to like Bush to love America.

Bushes are for pissing on.

$1 billion a day to kill people -- what a bargain.

Consume -- Consume -- Bomb -- Bomb -- Consume -- Consume

What's the difference between me & God? He might forgive Bush, but I  won't.

Smush Bush.

America, get out of the Bushes.

It's time to trim the Bush.

Pro-lifers: Wake from Bush's propaganda spell -- war kills innocent children.

Don't make me come back here [to a peace rally] again.

Disarm Bush too.

Big brother isn't coming -- he's already here.

Empires fall.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind (Gandhi).

Mainstream white guys for peace. (Sign held by three
mainstream-looking white guys)

Hans Blix -- look over here.

Let Exxon send their own troops.

Curious, George? -- get a clue.

Destroy Florida. [It could happen again]

There's a terrorist behind every Bush.

How many bodies per mile?

With a flag:  These colors don't run...the planet.

A nearly naked man with a giant rocket for a penis wearing a Bush
mask: The emperor's new clothes.

SUV owners roll over for terrorism.

We can't afford to rule the world.

War is  so  20th century!

While you were watching the war, Bush was raping America.

Don't waive your rights while waving your flag.

Leave Desert Storm to the desert.

Drop Bush not bombs.

Sacrifice our SUVs, not our children.

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

I asked for universal health care and all I got was this lousy stealth bomber.

War is not a family value.

Colorfully dressed drag queen carrying a sign that says:  I am the bomb.

Picture of the peace symbol:  back by popular demand.

A picture of Bush saying "Ask me about my lobotomy."

Beneath a picture of Osama bin Laden dressed as Uncle Sam: I want YOU
to bomb Iraq.

Beneath a picture of a menacing soldier pointing his rifle/bayonet
toward the viewer: Say it! One Nation under God. Say it!

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