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I Hear America Crying
Author Dave Anderson
Date 02/10/29/03:14
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Boulder poet Joe Richey...


I Hear America Crying

After hearing that a Turbo-prop King Air crashed 175
north of Minneapolis
killing Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila,
daughter Marcia, pilots and three campaign staff

I hear America crying, the varied sobs I hear,
Those of mechanics, wiping their eyes in their cold
black fingers,
The carpenter crying as he measures a plank,
The mason crying at a North Country red light,
Moms wait in front of schools crying into their car
The secretary crying into the top drawer of her desk,
Crying in VFWs all through the Great Lake states,
The gay shipping clerks hugging, crying beside the
water cooler,
The clear-eyed profs of Carleton College go teary
beneath the twirling dying foliage,
Software designers are crying, I am crying, the
Republican Governors are crying,
even Rush Limbuagh gave pause,
While America cried for Senator Paul Wellstone who
died with wife and daughter
pilots and crew in a frozen rain today.

Joseph Richey
Derived from Whitman

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