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Colorado Action Alert
Author Chris Zic
Date 01/08/30/12:53
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Dear Colorado National Writers Union member:

We are currently putting together a campaign to fight "all rights" contracts
used at Colorado publications. We already know that the following Colorado
publications are using all rights (or work for hire) contracts:

-The Denver Post
-Ski magazine
-Skiing magazine

We are also interested in reviewing contract terms at the following

Rocky Mountain News, Westword, Boulder Daily Camera, Colorado Daily, Boulder

If you contribute to ANY of the above noted publications- whether under
contract or not- please contact:

Dennis DeMaio
Tel: (303) 480-9268
E-Mail: dpdemaio@aol.com

Both the Denver Area Labor Federation and the Boulder County Labor Council
have passed resolutions declaring that all rights contracts are unfriendly
labor practices in their jurisdictions. We are also pursuing potential legal
action at these publications for infringement issues. If you write for ANY of
these publications, please contact me to discuss this situation in greater


Dennis DeMaio
Vice President, External Organizing
National Writers Union

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