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Castle Politics
Author Valerie Bishop
Date 15/04/26/12:17
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This is what Jim Bishop's daughter Valerie Bishop Moore says: "Regarding the bit on KOAA tonight, I didn't see it and can not find it to watch so I can't comment directly on it however.
In my dad's weakened state from his illness, an acquaintance of his talked him into making ( what he believed) was a TRUST to protect the castle in case things took a turn for the worse with his health. This man, David Merrill, made himself trustee and was to only attend to the up keep of the castle. But now he is claiming to be the owner and has started to change things on and around the castle including the name.

David Merrill is FIRED as TRUSTEE he is NOT the owner of Bishop Castle.
If anyone sees him at Bishop Castle he is NOT welcome.
BISHOP CASTLE, Jim and Phoebe Bishop were preyed upon by this man.

This is what Jim Bishop wants. He is getting better day by day and will be back at his castle soon.


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