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Libyan Government Warns NYPD to Exercise Restraint
Author Jim Devine
Date 11/10/18/11:27
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Libyan Government Warns NYPD to Exercise Restraint
Urges NATO Action to Protect American Dissidents

by Andy Borowitz

TRIPOLI (The Borowitz Report) – As arrests mounted in the Occupy Wall
Street protest in New York City, Libya’s National Transitional Council
(NTC) issued a stern statement today warning the NYPD to exercise

“The Libyan transitional government regards any attempt to infringe
upon the American protesters’ right to express themselves as a
violation of international standards of free speech and liberty,” the
Libyan statement read. “We will not sit idly by and watch this

Libyan government officials also hinted that if the arrests continue,
it would consider forming a NATO coalition “to ensure the safety and
security of the American people.”

While it did not state it as an explicit goal, insiders believe that
if the arrests continue Libya may seek the ouster of New York City
mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Perhaps in response to the Libyan statement, the U.S. State Department
today responded with a statement of its own: “The United States is one
hundred percent opposed to the suppression of popular uprisings as
long as they aren’t happening here.”

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