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Mexico to Honor Late Writer Alejandro Rossi
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Latin American Herald Tribune - 6/8/2009

MEXICO CITY – Cultural officials in Mexico mourned last week the demise from respiratory failure of the Mexican writer and philosopher of Italian origin Alejandro Rossi and announced a tribute to the late author at the Palace of Fine Arts.

The National Council for Culture and the Arts, or Conaculta, expressed in a statement its regret for the “terrible loss” of a man who was also a researcher emeritus at the Autonomous National University of Mexico, or UNAM, who died Friday at his home in Mexico City. He was 77.

Rossi was born of an Italian father and a Venezuelan mother in Florence on Sept. 22, 1932.

He studied in Florence, Rome, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles before settling in Mexico.

He graduated from the UNAM Faculty of Philosophy and later pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and at Oxford, where he was attended Magdalen College.

Conaculta extolled Rossi’s work as an essayist and writer of short stories and literary texts, acclaimed by Spanish and Latin American critics for their undoubted originality.

He obtained a Guggenheim Fellowship for fiction and in Mexico was a member of the National College and of the National Creators System.

He was the author of “El Lenguage y Significado” (Language and Meaning), “Ortega y Gasset,” “Diario de Guerra” (War Diary), “La Fabula de las Regiones” (Fable of the Regions), and “El Manual del Distraido” (Manual of a Distracted One), among other works.

The Economic Cultural Fund published his texts in the collection “Letras Mexicanas” (Mexican Literature) in 2005, and a year later the author received the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize for his novel “Eden. Vida Imaginada” (Eden: Imagined Life).

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