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Popularity of Atlas Shrugged
Author Carroll Cox
Date 10/01/02/18:43
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THE BASIC fact about _all_ "belief systems" is that holders of any given
belief may have quite contrary positons on every fucking issue, public
or private. You simply cannot deduce practice from theory. We are our
history, and that history leads us into certain kinds of social
practice, which we then _express_ in terms of whatever belief structure
we happen to hold at that moment.

What Joanna describes is that some adolescents happen to come upon Rand
and find that she offers a rationale for what they are already
practicing. She provides them with rhetoric, but the practice would still
exist had she never been born, only it would be wrapped in some other

One of the features of capitalist culture is that the wildest
combinations of belief and practice can exist. Surely there exists at
least one or two persons who (a) support socialist revolution and (b)
are devoted followers of Rand.

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