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[NWU-DA]: Let's address the issues
Author Dennis DeMaio
Date 99/07/21/13:15
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For those of you who could not make our last meeting here in Denver (where I
discussed our upcoming national elections), I wanted to forward on the two
websites of the groups who are running candidates in the election. Check them
out and see what you think. I am happy to respond to any questions and
concerns folks may have.
Our Local election ballots will be going out in the first week of August
also. I will give you folks an update on that later.
Dennis DeMaio
Also, Brother Dean Myerson up in Boulder sent me an updated E-Mail address.
(see above)
You may want to enter in your address books. Listing
at............................greenstuff (What did you expect?)

Brother Doug Ohmans also left for Mexico the day after he met with us. When
he comes home with some good Mexican beer, we should help him drink it.

From: Dpdemaio@aol.com
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 00:59:27 EDT
Subject: Re: [NWU-DA]: Let's address the issues
To: nwu-da@nwu.org

For Amy, Bernice and others who would like to utilize the "here are the two
websites" approach in newsletters, here are the website addresses:

Leadership for Writers Power: lwp.simplenet.com
Renew NWU: www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/1559/ChangeNWU.html

The Renew NWU one is a long one, so perhaps Renew NWU folks can scrutinize
the above and point out any error ASAP. (I believe it is correct).
The At-Large newsletter will be doing an objective announcement referring to
both groups. We are urging folks to visit both sites to understand where
both groups are coming from. An informed and educated electorate serves all
of our interests.
Dennis DeMaio

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