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Fannie & Freddi
Author Tom Walker
Date 08/09/08/23:06
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On 9/8/08, Max B. Sawicky wrote:

> It seems to me to gloss over Marx and the deeper contradictions.

Yeah, but even those deeper contradictions gloss over even deeper
contradictions and beneath those contradictions are deeper than deep
contradictions -- contradictions so deep they have never seen the
light of day.

And that's just the icing on the cake. Below the deepest, darkest
contradictions imaginable are contradictions so deep they are
unimaginable -- contradictions so deep they contradict the very notion
of contradiction. And yet underneath even the most unimaginably deep
contradictions are yet more contradictions of a progressively deeper

It's contradictions all the way down! Or so I've heard.

And who am I to say otherwise?


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