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Some questions
Author Walter Yang
Date 01/08/08/14:43
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Hi! Patricia:

I still have some questions for you or for Dr. Siyad. Can you please
answer these questions for me and e-mail back to me. Please let me know
if this is a problem. Thanks so much.

Here they are:

1. How does the Somali Community address the single mothers, of any
age, but especially teens?

2. What about the fathers of the children that the single moms are
parenting: how does the Somali Community handle them,
or is there a response to them?

3. What social issues exit? : ie: housing, need for English classes,

4. With Somali language being mostly an oral tradition, what
suggestions for all the letters we need to send?

5. Any pertinent information about traditional family structure,
customs, holidays (ie with certain requirements like times of
fasting, certain forbidden things, like prok, etc...)

Thanks for doing this!!

Walter Yang
Community Health Specialist
Medica State Public Programs
Mail Route 80280
5601 Smetana Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55343-5012
Phone: 952-992-2032 fax 952-992-3550

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