Source Yoshie Furuhashi
Date 99/06/05/15:36

Lenin wrote:
"The revolutionary parties must complete their education. They have learned
to attack. Now they have to realize that this knowledge must be
supplemented with the knowledge how to retreat properly. They have to
realize -- and the revolutionary class is taught to realize it by its own
bitter experience -- that victory is impossible unless they have learned
both how to attack and how to retreat properly. Of all the defeated
opposition and revolutionary parties, the Bolsheviks effected the most
orderly retreat, with the least loss to their "army," with its core best
preserved, with the least (in respect to profundity and irremediability)
splits, with the least demoralization, and in the best condition to resume
the work on the broadest scale and in the most correct and energetic

Of all Lenin's writings, this bit is what I have taken to my
heart--especially the part about retreating "with the least
demoralization." A lesson still relevant for (post-60s, post-USSR) leftists
without mass movements, I think, though sadly neglected.


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