Socialism and Civil Liberties
Source Jim Devine
Date 06/11/08/09:09

...Currently, one might say that "the means of production, including the
means of cultural production such as the media, are all directly or
indirectly owned by the government." After all, the capitalists
couldn't control the means of production if not for the coercive
agency of the state. The state also defines the specific meaning of
"private ownership" of these means of production (i.e., the details of
what rights and responsibilities an individual owner may or may not
have and the extent to which these rules are enforced). They couldn't
get together to decide on common goals and programs without the

It's a mistake to think of the state and society as totally separate.
Rather, there's a unified class system, with a division of labor
between the capitalists (mostly running production) and the state
(mostly controlling the means of coercion).

BTW, I do not ignore the role of legitimation. But I left it out above
to keep things simple.

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