Re: Re: DeLong Compares Mao
Source Henry C.K. Liu
Date 99/06/02/14:29

I join this list in hope of learning a few thing about political
economy. But instead I am learning about American humor, or what passes
as such.
Of course the Chinese are not independent thinkers; they invent
fantasies about imperialistic oppression. Besides, who are they to
complain when American workers still have to work at 100 times Chinese
wages for doing the same work. The Chinese embassy at Bellgrade was
not boombed, its only an hysteria invention of the Chinese mentality in
reaction to the accidental fall of pieces of metal and some chemical on
the wrong building. What is the big deal. Alright already. Didn't the
Chinese invent gunpowder? Serves them right. The Chinese are so dumb
that they don't realize that without Mao, they could been enjoying the
fruits of Western neo-liberal globalism 50 year earlier, like Guam. But
then if not Communism, the West would probably find something else to
ridicule the Chinese about. Oh no, it would not be racist jokes, that
is only for thinskin types who think calling a spade a spade racist. It
would be their lack of an Western outlook. We don't mind their looking
Chinese (after all, Western civilization has discovered diversity), but
do they have to think like one? How naive to respect national
revolutionary heros? Don't the Chinese know everybody is out for the
buck. Mao could not have been too bright, otherwise he would have
defected to Harvard and write a series of book with millions of dollar
in advances. Or be a resident leftist at Princeton with special
tenure. May even have a Hollywood moive made on his early life: How I
rejected Communism for the good life and found God. Don;t forget
residual rights on video releases. What do the Chinese Communists know
about propaganda on the masses? They should have hire Satchy & Satchy
or sponsored Death Valley Days. How dare they steal our secrets on the
internet, should have never permitted the export of modems. Never
should have allowed Chinese to work in others fields beside hard labor,
lets bring back the old California restitive laws. Never figures they'd
be bright enough to be scientists though. Even Chinese Christians are
untrustworthy, so are Chinese Jews (Oh yes, we have them in Kaifeng,
since the Han dynasty in 220 a.d.) or Chinese Moslems. Tibetan Buddhists
are different; they know how to behave in Hollywood bashes.
Workers of the world unite, with American workers on top!
Freedom, Democracy, bombs away!

Charley Chan and Fu Manchu (Take your pick, we all look alike).

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